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Landscapes - Pastels - Seasons Series

90 Degrees In The Shade (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: 90 Degrees In The Shade
It was a hot day to be hiking in Canyonlands.

Original Artwork
29x34-Framed (Gold Aluminum)  Not available

Alpine Meadow (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Alpine Meadow
Summer in the Colorado high country, where every flower tries to bloom at the same time.

Original Artwork
31x30-Framed (Brown Aluminum)  $1000 

Aspen (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Aspen
I sketched these aspens, with their last leaves clinging, on a mountainside on a perfect fall day.

Original Artwork
Not available

Autumn Gold (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Autumn Gold
There's gold in them thar hills...

Original Artwork
Not available

Blue Bucket (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Blue Bucket
The scene needed a cow, or a horse nosing the bucket, but I rather like the anticipation of that event.

Original Artwork
26x32-Framed (Inlaid & Overlaid Cherry)  $1000 

Desert Muse (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Desert Muse
An early summer pool in Utah.

Original Artwork
39x30-Framed (Sand Aluminum)  $850 

Desert Vista (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Desert Vista
This could be anywhere in the desert Southwest, but it is springtime in Joshua Tree.

Original Artwork
26.5x31-Framed (Inlaid Cherry)  $1500 

Enchanted Forest-Cool Water (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Enchanted Forest-Cool Water
Cool, clear stream running through the enchanted forest

Original Artwork
25.5x31-Framed (Inlaid Walnut)  $1500 
Signed Prints
Giclée Limited Edition Series of 25  16.5x23.5    $150 per print/set

Enchanted Forest-Exile (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Enchanted Forest-Exile
I return to this enchanted forest time and again. It is easy to invent tree stories in this magical place.

Original Artwork
25.5x28-Framed (Inlaid Walnut)  $1500 

Enchanted Forest-Tribunal (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Enchanted Forest-Tribunal
These big old trunks obviously belong to the elder judges of the enchanted forest.

Original Artwork
25.5x28-Framed (Inlaid Walnut)  $1500 

Evening Shadows (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Evening Shadows
Long evening shadows cast across the meadow are a foreshadowing of the winter to come.

Original Artwork
31x23-Framed (Twilight Blue Aluminum)  $750 

Forgotten Friend (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Forgotten Friend
Maybe only forgotten for the night...

Original Artwork
24x28-Framed (Maple With Racing Stripe)  $750 

Hayrake (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Hayrake
Old farm implements were left for centuries of grass to envelope, perhaps revenge...

Original Artwork
25x31-Framed (Cherry)  $950 

Long March (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Long March
Californian trees on the march in March.

Original Artwork
19x36-Framed (Stained Wood)  $900 

Old Buddies (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Old Buddies
Abandoned on a century farm, these 2 old buddies had trees growing through their frames.

Original Artwork
25x31-Framed (Cherry)  Not available
Signed Prints
Giclée Limited Edition Series of 25  15x20    $200 per print/set

Old Schoolhouse (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Old Schoolhouse
Sitting on a hilltop in Vail, this historic schoolhouse fits in with the spent fall grasses.

Original Artwork
29x22-Framed (Inlaid Stained Basswood)  $900 

Palm Oasis (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Palm Oasis
It is worth getting off the beaten track in Palm Desert.

Original Artwork
25.5x32-Framed (Inlaid Cherry)  $1100 

Pastoral Scene No1 (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Pastoral Scene No1
The longhorn bull and his harem peacefully graze in this high country pasture.

Original Artwork
25x31-Framed (Cherry)  $1000 

Sand Castle (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Sand Castle
Mandela had not been president long, when I watched these children building a sand castle in South Africa.

Original Artwork
25x31-Framed (Inlaid Maple)  $1000 

Snow & Shadows No3 (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Snow & Shadows No3
The many colors that play across the 'white' snow fascinate me.

Original Artwork
26x21-Framed (Pewter Aluminum)  $900 

Snow & Shadows No4 (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Snow & Shadows No4
This little tree bravely withstanding winter gives me courage to keep shoveling.

Original Artwork
28x24-Framed (Pewter Aluminum)  $900 

Snow On Pine Boughs (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Snow On Pine Boughs

Original Artwork
29x21-Framed (Green aluminum)  $750 

Spring Flood (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Spring Flood
Spring melt turns a peaceful creek into a raging flood, wondrous to behold.

Original Artwork
25.5x31-Framed (Inlaid Walnut)  $3000 

Spring Orchard (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Spring Orchard
Early spring in California.

Original Artwork
26x32-Framed (Inlaid & Overlaid Cherry)  $1300 

Stones (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Stones
I am drawn to contrasting textures and this is one of my favorite paintings.

Original Artwork
25x32-Framed (Green Aluminum)  $6000 

Taos Wall (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Taos Wall
Bits of glass and found bones are inlaid into the frame for this painting.

Original Artwork
20x29-Framed (Inlaid Basswood)  $1500 

Wisteria (Pastels)

Image of painting entitled: Wisteria
The frame for this has curved glass petals and wire vines inset into it.

Original Artwork
31x24-Framed (Inlaid cherry)  $1100 

Seasons Series

I get excited every time a new season rolls around. The thrill of that first bud of spring, or the particular shade of chartreuse that only appears in new vegetation, gives way to long summer days with blue skies, thunderclouds, and a profusion of wildflowers, along with the chance to venture forth on long hikes. I love fall’s glorious colors, especially when it stretches into Indian summer. The first blanket of snow changes the world; everything is softened, shapes change, and white is, of course, all colors, so my palette can expand.

I use a glowing water color under-painting overlaid with the pure pigment of pastels to create rich, vibrant colors. These works are painted on rag paper, or acid free archival paper board and often framed in inlaid hardwood frames, designed for each painting.