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Figurative - Nude Series

Ghosts In The Canyon (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Ghosts In The Canyon

Original Artwork
50.5x41-Framed (Hand Carved Cherry)  $7500 

In The Forest (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: In The Forest

Original Artwork
29x40-Framed (Hand Carved Walnut)  $6000 

Japanese Garden (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Japanese Garden

Original Artwork
45.5x40-Framed (Walnut & Oak)  $7000 

Nude Series No1 (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Nude Series No1

Original Artwork
36x39-Framed (Hand Carved Cherry)  $3500 

Nude Series No2 (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Nude Series No2

Original Artwork
33x38.5-Framed (Hand Carved Cherry)  $3500 

Nude Series No7 (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Nude Series No7

Original Artwork
16x37-Framed (Hand Carved cherry)  $3200 

Nude Series No8 (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Nude Series No8

Original Artwork
41x32-Framed (Hand Carved Maple)  $5000 

Sunbathers (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Sunbathers

Original Artwork
39x47-Framed (Hand Carved walnut)  $6000 

Terra (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Terra

Original Artwork
38x39-Framed (Hand Carved cherry)  Not available

Nude Series

These oil paintings are fragmentary views of the female form, meant to explore our emotions, views of propriety, and societal stereotypes. There are multiple layers of meanings in my works of art. What is beauty? Can you separate the beauty of the image from the content of that image? Will the simple beauty of the artwork draw the viewer in to further contemplate the image? The premise of the unusual colors in this series is to make representational paintings seem somewhat unrealistic, which allows the viewer to look at the shapes, curves, and muscles and see the beauty, grace, and power of the women.

The hand carved hardwood frames for these paintings are not just containers for the artwork; they are an integral component. The paintings are on archivally prepared panels.