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Antiquities Series-Lapis (Silver, Lapis Lazuli, &Copper)

Image of painting entitled: Antiquities Series-Lapis
Fine Silver winged torso over copper and lapis lazuli in sterling silver. Either a 26 or 27 inch chain.

Original Artwork
2x1.75  $395 

Dangle Necklace (Sterling Silver & Leather)

Image of painting entitled: Dangle Necklace
Black 15 inch leather cord with ~2.5 inch silver loop dangle.

Original Artwork
15x.125  $100 

Jade & Horn Silver Chain (Sterling Silver, Jade, & Horn)

Image of painting entitled: Jade & Horn Silver Chain
28 inch Hand forged sterling silver chain with jade and horn beads.

Original Artwork
28x0.3  $190 

Oceanus (Fine Silver, Coral, Turquoise)

Image of painting entitled: Oceanus
Hand made fine silver beads highlight this jade, turquoise, and coral necklace with matching earrings.

Original Artwork
25x2  $395 

Palm Seed Necklace (Sterling Silver & Palm Seed)

Image of painting entitled: Palm Seed Necklace
Hand made silver chain with palm seed beads in brown and natural colors.

Original Artwork
28x0.3  $98 

Persian Links (Silver, Turquoise, Copralite)

Image of painting entitled: Persian Links
Wear part of Ali Babas treasure with fanciful pendant, on a 23 inch chain with copal beads.

Original Artwork
3.5x2.75  $295 

Shell Game (Sterling Silver and Shells)

Image of painting entitled: Shell Game
Hard to hide anything in these shells, so show them off.

Original Artwork
24x1.3  $205 

Silver Chain- Etched Ovals (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Chain- Etched Ovals
Delicately cross-hatched solid links are set off by smaller round and oval chain.

Original Artwork
20x0.5  $185 

Silver Chain- Round Links (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Chain- Round Links
Hand forged 15.5 inch sterling silver chain with large and medium round links.

Original Artwork
15.5x0.75  $165 

Silver Chain-Heavy Links (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Chain-Heavy Links
Hand made chain with flattened round and oval medium-small links in heavy gauge silver.

Original Artwork
20x0.37  $165 

Silver Chain-Irregular Shapes (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Chain-Irregular Shapes
Hand forged sterling silver chain with fun shapes.

Original Artwork
17x1  $165 

Silver Chain-Large Rectangles (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Chain-Large Rectangles
Alternating solid and hollow links make a bold statement.

Original Artwork
23x0.75  $190 

Silver Triangle Bar Necklace (Sterling Silver)

Image of painting entitled: Silver Triangle Bar Necklace
Simple, yet elegant this necklace will get compliments.

Original Artwork
18x0.5  $185 


These jewelry pieces are one of a kind, not mass produced. Therefore, the specific pieces you view here may, or may not be available, but can be considered representative samples of my work. Please feel free to contact me to purchase a piece, or to request a commission for a similar piece.

I enjoy the repetitive, meditative process of making hand-made chain, but it is certainly more labor intensive than those made by machines. I like to leave the signs that show it is handmade, so there are tool marks, not every link is identical, nor do I polish to a high gloss.

Jewelry pieces with stones are unique, as I cut and polish the stones for each piece. Sometimes I cut a stone for a particular idea. Other times I arrange a few cut stones in front on me and let the stones suggest their own paths for design. All stones are different, so every piece is different.