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The Artist

Vivian Long started with finger paints at age four. The compulsion and desire to create grew and so she has pursued a life in art. Although educated in fine and commercial arts, she is primarily self-taught and is continually embracing new forms of expression. her work has been selected to show and awarded prizes in many juried shows within the USA.

"Growing up in Louisiana and then Colorado, I ran wild in the swamps and found exhileration on mountain peaks. That gave me plenty of time to examine minutia: the patterns of duckweed on water, or lichens on rock, and to glory in broad vistas. I have always been drawn to contrasts and that is reflected in my art. Since childhood, I have felt compelled to create art with whatever materials came to hand. I work with a variety of media, as their distinctive qualities contribute to the mood, or effect, I wish to achieve. Each tells a different story. While many of my works portray the phisical world around us, the places I've traveled, the landscape I live in, other pieces reflect the interior world of my imagination, and all are affected by the people I've met, friends, and family".

Vivian lives near Asheville, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, with her husband, dog, and a variety of wildlife.


A portrait is a significant expression of affection, gratitude, respect, or love. It is also a rewarding way to experience art firsthand. I am happy to accept commissions for portraits of people, or pets. Please contact me for more information regarding the process and fees, as I am happy to answer your questions.

On Art

"Some might think that the creativity, imagination, and flights of fancy that give my life meaning are insanity." -Vladimir Nabokov

The Creative Process

The creative process starts with an idea, or inspiration, sometimes drawn from nature, sometimes from dreams, music, or stories, or from the complications of modern life. I work with a variety of media, as their distinctive qualities contribute to the mood I wish to achieve; they each tell a different story. The process from this point will vary according to medium and subject, but I have put together a storyboard of the process for the sculpture “Bathing With Frogs”, as an example.

Art evolution panel
To see the completed sculpture go to the Sculpture page of the Gallery.