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Doors and Windows

African Dream Of My father (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: African Dream Of My father
After our father passed away, my brother dreamed of my father as an African elder. My vision of his dream...

Original Artwork
Not available
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Giclée Limited Edition Series of 25  14x18    $150 per print
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Blue Bottle (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Blue Bottle
Oils on linen canvas

Original Artwork
13.5x10.5  $400 

Buddha (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Buddha
Turned a corner and there was Buddha resting peacefully in the sunlight.

Original Artwork
21x18.5-Framed (Carved Poplar)  $1150 
Signed Prints
Giclée Limited Edition Series of 50  18x14    $150 per print
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Prints, posters, greeting cards, stamps and more!
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Chalante (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Chalante
A magical old hacienda.

Original Artwork
22x18-Framed (Mauna loa)  $1150 

Chat (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Chat
French cat waking up in the morning light.

Original Artwork
21.5x20-Framed (Oak & Walnut)  $975 

Conformity (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Conformity
The perfect place for the non-conformist.

Original Artwork
23x16.5-Framed (Walnut & Ash)  $950 

Garden Door (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Garden Door
Welcome to the forgotten garden

Original Artwork
21.2x17.2-Framed (Walnut)  $650 
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Hanji (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Hanji
It seemed fitting to frame this Korean temple room with hanji shutters.

Original Artwork
14x26-Framed (Maple & Paper Shutters)  $1280 

Homage To Pina (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Homage To Pina

Original Artwork
16.75x20.75-Framed (Black hardwood)  $450 

Layers (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Layers
Looking through layers of doors to life beyond...

Original Artwork
19.5x18-Framed (Mauna loa)  $1000 
Signed Prints
Giclée Limited Edition Series of 50  16x14    $150 per print
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Prints, posters, greeting cards, stamps and more!
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Merida (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Merida
Take a seat, order a cool drink, relax

Original Artwork
21.6x21.6-Framed (Walnut)  $1150 

Peace (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Peace
A peaceful view from an old convent.

Original Artwork
17x19.5-Framed (Walnut)  $650 

Provencal Shutters (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Provencal Shutters
Blue shutters on ochre walls are the epitome of the architecture of Provence and a dream for an artist.

Original Artwork
18x22-Framed (White Painted Mauna loa)  $700 

Provence (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Provence
Sunlight on old stone walls and the colors of southern France.

Original Artwork
21x18.5-Framed (Poplar)  $975 

Quick Stop (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Quick Stop
Well, the dog hopes it is quick.

Original Artwork
22.75x18.6-Framed (Carved Painted Walnut)  $1150 

Red Tassels (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Red Tassels
Yellow curtains with red tassels for a Korean Emperor.

Original Artwork
18x25.5-Framed (Walnut, Maple, Basswood)  $1150 

Seoul (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Seoul
Looking through doorways into doorways into windows, this expresses the essence of this series.

Original Artwork
28x23-Framed (Oak & Walnut)  $2000 

Sleeping Room (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Sleeping Room
Once upon a time a prince used this room to sleep.

Original Artwork
22x22-Framed (Maple, Cherry, & Walnut)  $975 

Veranda (Oils)

Image of painting entitled: Veranda
How about breakfast on the pink veranda...

Original Artwork
21x18.5-Framed (Maple & Cherry)  $1150 

Doors and Windows

This is a series of paintings about our openings: welcoming, forbidding, grand, dilapidated, simple, elegant, and functional. How do we view the world through the framework of our architecture and what do others understand about us by the characteristics of our portals? We build walls and then make openings in those walls; how we do it tells volumes about us. How the artist interprets them tells another story, for the viewer to decipher.

Paintings are done in oil paints on archivally prepared panels.