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I'm Vivian Long and I welcome you to my online art gallery. The slides above show samples of all of the different media and styles of art you will see in this website. You will find richly colored and textured paintings in pastels and oils, dreamy watercolors, elaborate mixed media sculptures, and intricate wood carvings. Art is a form of communication between artist and viewer. With these works, I lay open my mind and inner feelings to you. Explore the site and I hope you enjoy my artwork, as much as I enjoy creating it. If you like it, please share the link with others.

For more information about the artwork, the artist, prices, to commission work, or arrange an exhibition, please visit the Extras page, or contact the artist.


Slowly coming out of my shell, of pandemic recluse, although I rather liked it in there. So, no events are scheduled, but you can still contact me about my artwork.

Visit the "Extras" page to learn more about my creative process.